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In the jungles and forests of Panama, the Army Test & Evaluation Command devises new methods to protect men and equipment against the ravages of heat and humidity.

Bernardine Dohrn and Mike Klonsky, interviewed on television news camera.

Filled with television news footage:
Students for a Democratic Society news conferences, SDS conference June 1969, National Revolutionary Conference, Black Panther party…

An overview of the Air Force Reserve in the 1980's. Provides an understanding of the roles and missions of individual reservists and reserve units in support of the total force policy.

In April 1964 a Persian word meaning "courageous" became known to Americans as the name of a bold military adventure. An entire airborne brigade with heavy equipment was airlifted to Iran, land of the ancient Persians. American and Iranian armed…

US Army Training Film on the XM16E1 rifle, the first mass-fielded version of the M16 rifle. This is the version with chrome-plated bolt carrier, no trap door in the buttstock, non-chrome-lined chamber, and three-prong flash supressor. Somewhat…

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