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Skydiving / parachuting safety topics covered include: packing and wearing parachute equipment proper parachute techniques landing on land and water jumping with a static line executing free fall jumps.

A pathfinder is a paratrooper, Soldier or covert operative who is inserted or dropped into place in order to set up and operate drop zones, pickup zones, and helicopter landing sites for airborne operations, air resupply operations, or other air…

Story of 101st Airborne Division told on "THE BIG PICTURE" -- Viewers will see a comprehensive historical review of the 101st Airborne Division from early organization and training in World War II, through combat in Europe, to Reorganization Day…

The story of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam; operations at Vung Tau and Bien Hoa, and Operation "New Life,'' protecting the rice harvest for a hungry people.

Vietnam - April 1966. 25th Infantry Division, 1st Infantry Division, 1st Calvary Division, And Special Forces; USAREU – 3rd Armor Division, "Operation Southern Arrow.''

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Vietnam - Combat and other activities. November and December 1965. 173rd Airborne Brigade, 101 Airborne Division, U.S. Special Forces, U.S. Army Signal Corps, Medical Service, Engineers.

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Combat missions of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, from the summer of 1965 to January 1967: Operations Van Buren, Harrison, Hawthorne, John Paul Jones, and Pickett.
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