Egyptian President Sadat's Remarks at the Camp David Agreement

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Egyptian President Sadat's Remarks at the Camp David Agreement



Footage of the Camp David Agreement signing ceremony. President Carter, President Sadat, and Prime Minister Begin are seated at a table facing the audience in the East Room of the White House. President Carter discusses the specifics of the agreement, "A Framework for Peace in the Middle East," which provided that negotiations will be based on United Nations Security Council Resolution 242. President Carter continued his remarks by describing the second document to be signed, the "Framework for the Conclusion of a Peace Treaty Between Egypt and Israel," which contained provisions allowing for Egyptian sovereignty over the Sinai and Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai.
President Sadat followed President Carter's remarks. President Sadat thanks President Carter for his effort and determination toward the Middle East peace initiative and comments on upcoming decisions ahead.
Prime Minister Begin began his remarks by acknowledging the political risk President Carter took in pursuing a Middle East peace and then remarked on the intensity of the talks. Prime Minister Begin paid heed to his friendship with President Sadat and continued by thanking the American, Egyptian and Israeli delegations, and concluded his remarks in Hebrew.


Central Intelligence Agency


September 17, 1978

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November 13, 2013



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