Mark of a Man (The Big Picture)

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Mark of a Man (The Big Picture)


This is the story of the American Ranger--a long and colorful one of courage, daring and outstanding leadership. Filmed in the swamps of Florida and in the mountains of North Georgia, this episode in THE BIG PICTURE series shows how the Infantry, Queen of Battle, is developing a new breed of fighting man--The U.S. Army Ranger. As told in this half-hour documentary film, this fighting man is a superb combat soldier with exceptional endurance, skilled in the techniques of field craft, survival, jungle, air mobile, waterborne and mountain operations. The Ranger's history dates back over 200 years to our French and Indian Wars and to Rogers' Rangers organized in the year 1756. Techniques, skills and tactics used by Major Rogers and further developed by Morgan, Marion, Mosby and other Ranger commanders are part of today's Ranger training. What part the Ranger will play and why he is applicable to tomorrow's battlefield is answered pictorially on "Ranger--Mark of a Man."

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U.S. Army Audiovisual Center, “Mark of a Man (The Big Picture),” Special Operations History Foundation, accessed September 19, 2020,

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