Truth Is Our Defense (The Big Picture)

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Truth Is Our Defense (The Big Picture)


Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. U.S. Army Audiovisual Center. (ca. 1974 - 05/15/1984). This is the story of the Army's Psychological Warfare activities in the Far East Command, primarily as a tactical weapon in Korea. We augment the effectiveness of our combat forces with the potent weapon of words. Through leaflets, shot by artillery shells or dropped from planes; through radio news and dramatic programs from the U.N. radio in Tokyo and the mobile radio stations in Korea; and through loudspeakers mounted on tanks and jeeps, we send our messages of truth to the enemy.


U.S. Army Audiovisual Center

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U.S. Army Audiovisual Center, “Truth Is Our Defense (The Big Picture),” Special Operations History Foundation, accessed April 19, 2019,

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