American Military Helps Iran (The Big Picture, 1964)

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American Military Helps Iran (The Big Picture, 1964)


In April 1964 a Persian word meaning "courageous" became known to Americans as the name of a bold military adventure. An entire airborne brigade with heavy equipment was airlifted to Iran, land of the ancient Persians. American and Iranian armed forces successfully demonstrated their combat readiness in "Exercise Delawor", the subject of this episode of THE BIG PICTURE.

"In April 1964 a joint military exercise with the United States (Operation Delaware) partially reassured Tehran of Washington's continued interest in the region. Annual military exercises continued with an increased Iranian naval component. In March 1965 the Shah publicly declared that Iran's military would in the future pay special attention to the Gulf. The Gulf was of interest to Iran both for its proximity to the rich oil fields of its southwest and for the oil-rich continental shelf that lay beneath its contested waters." (The Foreign Relations of Iran, Shahram Chubin & Sepehr Zabih, University of California Press, 1974.)

Note: some sources quote this military action as "Operation Delawar", some as "Operation Delawor" while others as "Exercise Delaware". To confuse matters further the translation of the word meaning "courageous" from Persian to English is best written as "Delaavar" or "Delavar". In the context of this documentary all these terms refer to the joint American / Iranian military operation that commenced in 1964.


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