Ranger Ready (The Big Picture)

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Ranger Ready (The Big Picture)


United States Army television program describing the activities of United States Army Ranger Training (mid to late 1950's).

US National Archives ARC Identifier 2569498 / Local Identifier 111-TV-228

Item from Record Group 111: Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1860 - 1985

The original release sheet reads:

For this issue of THE BIG PICTURE our camera crews have journeyed into the mountains of North Georgia and the swamps of Florida in order to bring the story of the U.S. Army Rangers to the television screens of America. The Rangers are a proud corps of elite combat-ready troops who undergo the most rugged training in the Army. The first Ranger unit dates back almost 200 years ago when the original thirteen colonies were under British rule. They served with General Washington's Colonial troops and they were active in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. When the Communist aggressors struck in Korea, the call for the Rangers sounded again. This BIG PICTURE episode concentrates on their training as it is practiced today.


United States Army


Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1860 - 1985

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