ARVN repel Viet Cong Attack (footage, 1968)

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ARVN repel Viet Cong Attack (footage, 1968)


Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. U.S. Army Audiovisual Center. (ca. 1974 - 05/15/1984). Silent. ARVN soldiers under cover along wall of the French National Cemetery. ARVN soldiers make their way across cemetery. American officer firing M-16 rifle along with Vietnamese soldier from behind cemetery wall. Dead Vietnamese soldier on litter. Burning building. ARVN soldiers behind wall with rifles at the ready. ARVN soldiers carry dead comrade on litter to ambulance. ARVNs in ditch. Wrecked building and burning rubble in cemetery. ARVN soldiers drive off in vehicles. Vietnamese soldier with M-60 MG at corner of building. ARVN soldiers tie and search Vietcong prisoner. Another Vietcong is given packet of food. CU, faces of ARVN soldiers. CU, Vietcong prisoner's hands tied behind his back. Vietnamese soldier feeds prisoner. Dirty Vietcong eating. ARVNs watch. CU, Vietcong. CU, ARVN soldier. A wounded Vietcong stands in sewer system manhole with hands over his head. He steps out of the manhole. CU, dirty, bleeding feet of Vietcong. ARVN soldier holds up captured rifle. Prisoner is searched and questioned. VS, damaged and burning houses. LS, smoke pouring from building. Vietnamese soldier speaks over radio. ARVN soldiers run across intersection and take cover behind wall in Esso service station. Smoke coming from bldg in bg. ARVN soldiers behind wall of cemetery. Burning and wrecked houses. Vietnamese soldier aims rifle thru gate of cemetery. Ambo-jeep drives past. ARVNs firing weapons (overexposed). Shell service station bldg burning furiously. Smoke pours from the building. ARVN soldier fires cal MG mounted on truck into houses. Shell service station burning. Dead Vietcong strewn about in street. ARVN fires 50 cal MG from truck. Dead Vietcong. Burning building. ARVN soldiers in foreground. Smoke pouring from building. Household effects lining streets. ARVN soldier fires his weapon down alley. Vietnamese soldiers search Vietcong bodies. Captures rocket shell. ARVN soldier at 50 cal MG, another with M-16 rifle at the ready. CU, picture of little girl taken from body of Vietcong. ARVN soldiers checks papers. CU, Vietcong propaganda leaflet found on the body.


U.S. Army Audiovisual Center


May, 1968

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16mm color film



U.S. Army Audiovisual Center, “ARVN repel Viet Cong Attack (footage, 1968),” Special Operations History Foundation, accessed February 26, 2020,

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